Online plus Live Lab

  • Online learning is convenient, saves travel related costs, and allows for review of material that has already been viewed. For those seeking orthotic fitter certification, a live two-day hands-on fitting lab is still required. Fitting labs may be scheduled at any time, but are usually conducted on Thursday and Friday.

    When you register for the online lectures, access is granted for 90 days. It is strongly suggested that the course be completed within 60 days so the last 30 days after the live fitting lab can be used to review the material. There is a $100 fee for each 30 day extension.

    Online learning requires significant self-discipline when study time can be set aside free of distractions to optimize the learning experience.

  • Live fitting lab meets certification requirements and allows for instant interaction with instructors and other students. Course exams are reviewed to make sure there is an adequate understanding of the course subjects. Multiple products are presented with discussion about applications, indications and patient instructions. Designated fitting lab products are presented and demonstration fittings are done by the faculty. Following those demonstrations each student fits and then is fit in each of those devices. Each of those fittings is inspected by an instructor to assure all fitting protocols have been met.