Online Lectures and Lab

Online learning is convenient, saves travel related costs, and allows for review of material that has already been previously viewed. Online learning does require self-discipline to set aside distraction-free study time to optimize learning.

When a student is registered for the ATi, access is granted for 90 days. There are some 24 hours of lectures and demonstration videos that are delivered via streaming video. The student sees the instructor and PowerPoint slides as if he/she were sitting in a classroom. Students have real-time access to the instructor via phone, text or email for questions that might arise while taking the course. It is recommended that the lectures be completed within 60 days so the last 30 days can be used to review course material after completing the fitting lab.

The fitting lab is done via digital conferencing for those seeking orthotic fitter certification. The lab is scheduled when the student has finished the online lectures and has completed and returned the four open book course exams. The lab includes:

  • Review of the course exams. This includes at least 140 discussion points where the instructor has an opportunity to ask follow-up questions and the student has the opportunity to seek further instruction on areas that may not be clearly understood.
  • Product show-and-tell. This segment is a PowerPoint program identifying many of the products used by an orthotic fitter. Discussion points for each product include indications, contraindications, applications, patient education, adjustments and documentation.
  • Fitting Lab. This segment allows students to fit prescribed products on patient models. The fitting is done to simulate real life. The instructor will analyze the demonstration to determine if fitting protocols have been met.
  • Final Exam. Once the lab is completed the student completes the closed book final exam.

After successful completion of the fitting lab the student will receive the ATi Certificate of Completion. This certificate is recognized by both ABC and BOC as meeting the educational requirements to sit for the orthotic fitter certification exam.